PUBG Mobile: Important Things About the new Team Death match Mode


It is expected that the new Deathmatch mode of the team will arrive with the launch of the new update 0.13.0.

Tencent Games will launch a new update for PUBG Mobile soon. While it was reported that the update 0.13.0 would arrive on May 31, it seems that we will have to wait at some point. The update 0.13.0 was already launched in the beta version, so we know what to expect when the update begins to be implemented for all users.

One of the biggest additions will be a new team combat mode. As part of the EvoGround section, the new mode has already reached the beta version and provides a new perspective to the game. Like most deadly combat games such as Unreal Tournament or Doom, it also offers a similar game. You can pick up weapons and attachments as soon as you spawn and once they kill you, you will automatically reappear on the map. The team that gets the most deaths wins the game. Compared to other modes, deathmatch is fast and makes it more exciting.

The Deathmatch mode in PUBG Mobile will be based on FPS (First Person Shooter). Two teams of four players fight and the first one gains 40 points. Each death equals one point, so you essentially need to have 40 deaths. You do not die permanently, which means you get unlimited reappearances until the end of the game. Newly generated players also receive a few seconds of invincibility to avoid breeding campers. As of now, there is only one map, which is called TDM: Warehouse, which includes a large shed in the middle with multiple boxes, walls and other hiding places.

You get special mentions during the game when you get shots in the head, you kill in fits and more, although there is no real reward for winning these achievements. In addition, the player’s health regenerates after some time. Just hide and wait a while and you should have enough health for another quick fight. Alternatively, you can also heal yourself manually, which carries the cost of being vulnerable to attacks.

At the end of each game, players can check their statistics, including deaths, death / death rate and assists. The player with the best performance also gets the Most Valuable Player Award (MVP) along with a dedicated XP to level up. While Deathmatch mode is definitely something that PUBG Mobile players, especially clans, expect, we expect there to be a custom match option, apart from automatic team selection.

It is expected that the new Deathmatch mode of the team will arrive with the launch of the new update 0.13.0.


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