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TechGamers is committed to helping people get the most out of their games, both physical and digital. As your source for quality news, reviews, and articles in Gaming and Tabletop, we’re here to both help keep you both up to date and informed, while satisfying your ravenous appetite for gaming.

Why should you read TechGamers?

You will not find any agendas in our content. We aim to minimize bias and be as objective as humanly possible in our news, while we aim to help provide information you need to reach a decision while providing the writers opinion in our editorials and reviews. We also want to show off the best products for our readers, and maybe show off a few things people have not even heard of!

What does TechGamers offer readers that most other sites do not?

When it comes to news – you’re going to see passion in what our staff writes about in every post, because we’re gamers and techies too, which means that we really care about what we’re putting up on the site. From new game releases to industry news about censorship or issues, you can guarantee that you will get a well-informed article from a writer who cares about the issue.

Value Added News is our guide – we want to add value to each and every post if in providing further information about the topic, context of it, or the writers clearly separated quick take on the story.

When it comes to reviews and editorials – you can guarantee that we’ve taken the time to play the game and research the topic, meaning that you’re going to get well-informed articles and reviews site-wide. We do not believe in sensationalizing topics or reviews which is why you will not see clickbait-driven headlines or articles – we want to bring you quality that you will enjoy reading every time. How we handle reviews can be seen in both our Review Policy and Ethics Policy, which run down to our approach to reviews – including items like finishing the game before reviewing, embargoes, and how we score reviews.

We want TechGamers to offer a community that is inviting and welcoming to both new and old readers, fostering open discussion and discourse. To do that, you have to start with quality content, quality staff, and readers who are as passionate about the content as you are. As our Founder said in an interview, “If we share what we’re passionate about with the world, people are going to eat and join us.”

What makes TechGamers so “ethical”?

We’ve definitely had our stumbles and falls with mistakes, but we’ve allowed those mistakes to help us make our craft, and put processes in place to create policies, standards, and procedures that we use to ensure we make the right decisions. For the full rundown of what guides, check out our extensive Ethics and Standards Policy!

We’re here because of our readers, and we keep doing what we do because of them. With that said, we always encourage you to comment on our posts, or contact us if there’s something you’d like to see.